Hand in Hand’s vision is to reduce poverty through sustainable job and business creation that raises family income.”
A 2-year EverGift loan sponsored by TRIUM Legacy Fund.

Since Hand In Hand (HiH) was established in 2002, their unique Five Pillar approach has created 1,421,292 jobs. This year, TRIUM and EverGift have teamed up to provide HiH a $10k loan that will work to solve a specific problem in the community.

Hand in Hand identified their goal to ‘help women from HiH Self-Help Groups to scale up their enterprises‘. HiH discovered that there is a failure in small business financing in the region–there is a “missing middle” comprised of women who run medium-sized enterprises. These businesswomen are highly underserved in regard to access to loan capital. Their enterprises are too large for simple micro-loan products that HiH and other MFIs have had available, but can not be served by the formal banking sector because they lack the collateral required.

HiH set out to create a medium-sized loan that requires no collateral, a much more appropriate loan product for this “missing middle”. In providing this marginalized demographic with access to capital, this new HiH loan product fills a real need not previously addressed by market forces, government programs or other NGOs.

HiH identified 10 women from the regions of Kanchipuram and Chengalput to which HiH will loan 50,000INR, enough to create significant growth in a medium-sized enterprise. Chosen for their experience and training, these ten women are engaged in various kinds of micro enterprises such as tailoring, canteen, doll making, screen printing and beauty parlor. Each loan is to be repaid in 24 monthly installments at the rate of 15% interest on reducing balance basis.

HiH is a trusted EverGift investment: In the next three years, Hand in Hand India plans to expand into five states in the north of India, where an additional 10,000 self-help groups will be formed. In total, Hand in Hand India plans to create close to 600,000 new jobs by March 2016. Read more about Hand in Hand India’s strategic plan.

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