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The Restore Health EverGift is in its: 1st life*

Organizational Ethos: Life-changing healthcare innovations for marginalized individuals.
“EverGift brings new purpose to the work we do at Restore Health. Our partners, staff and customers are all talking about the change we are igniting in our offices and around the world.”
-Jessica Reilly of Restore Health, Media and Public Relations

*Learn more about the many lives of an EverGift and our unique strategy. See the Mission Page.

Current Investment: Pending Publication

Through their sponsorship Restore Health has shown a strong commitment to innovative solutions to poverty. The Restore Health EverGift account will work with organizations that address healthcare needs with innovative social enterprise strategies. Restore Health follows their social enterprise investments closely and considers their EverGift investment to be paramount in their vision of a healthcare marketplace that strives to serve patients’ individual needs with quality care.


“Providing quality individual healthcare is deeply embedded in our mission and strategy. EverGift enabled us to customize our philanthropic activity to match our overall mission. Our team at Restore Health is able to follow our philanthropic activity with specific interest. While our customers and partners gain trust in our practice because of our clear dedication to quality care.”

Jessica Reilly
Media and Public Relations
Restore Health

About Restore Health

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Restore Health is a leading provider of personalized medicine and related services. From its PCAB-accredited pharmacies, Restore Health provides individualized prescription therapies, together with support and training, to its network of physicians in the U.S. Restore Health also provides full-service diagnostic testing and clinical support, innovative clinical trials services, a complete line of medical-grade nutritional supplements, and a cloud-based practice management platform, allowing seamless communication between prescriber, laboratory, and pharmacy. In the RestoreMD program (restoremd.com), Restore Health supports providers in the practice of personalized medicine with a fully integrated suite of healthcare goods and services.

Learn more about Restore Health (recently listed as #8 on the Inc. 500) and their mission to make personalized medicine the new standard of care.