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Brick by Brick Construction in Kalisizo, Uganda

Brick improvement was a success. In February of 2011 after close to a year of research Brick by Brick commenced a social entrepreneurial pilot project, Brick by Brick Construction. Our principle objective was to test the feasibility of our non-profit organization managing a ‘for profit’ construction company, initially focusing on the manufacture of rainwater harvesting tanks. Rainwater harvesting tanks were chosen as an important mission of the new business because they provide clean water, drastically reducing time spent to acquire water daily and supporting the local economy by employing workers to build structures.


The pilot project proved successful. Since its founding Brick by Brick Construction has employed 9 full time masons paid a fair, living wage; constructed 34 rainwater harvesting tanks throughout Uganda ranging from 10,000-30,000 liters; built multiple school buildings, libraries and sanitation systems in each of our participating schools and turned a profit in each of its 3 years.

Brick by Brick and EverGift come together in 2014 to provide rainwater harvesting tanks to communities that do not have lump capital available or do not have access to micro-loans. Together the organizations will give 10 loans over the course of two years and provide rainwater harvest tanks to thousands of Ugandans who lack access to clean water.