EverGift is an organization dedicated to helping companies participate in the growth of social enterprise around the world. While most managers of charitable giving programs are keenly aware of the advantages of social enterprise and revolving loans over traditional charity most do not have the time or energy to physically administer the relationships and oversight needed to effectively participate in the active lending and collection of small loans in often distant locations.

Only through the generosity of sponsors giving are we an effective agent of change. As a sponsor, your donation allows social enterprises around the world to grow and serve those who have been marginalized. Here on our sponsor page we extend our most sincere applause to applaud the social-minded businesses who have donated generously to help us usher in the next generation of philanthropy.

EverGift would like to thank Restore Health for creating an EverGift under the RestoreHealth name. For years to come Restore Health will be making waves of impact across marginalized communities as they lift themselves out of poverty and illness through the magic of an EverGift. The Restore Health EverGift account will work with organizations that address healthcare needs with innovative social enterprise strategies. Restore Health follows their social enterprise investments closely and considers their EverGift investment paramount in their mission to create a healthcare marketplace aimed at serving patients unique, individual needs with quality care. Learn more about Restore Health and their mission to make custom care a benchmark here.
Trium Global EMBA class of 2012 has joined together under EverGift to create the first EverGift. During their studies the class of 2012 came to understand the amazing power of social enterprise. These studies evolved into a dedication to accelerate social enterprise for the mission of alleviating poverty through access to capital and financial inclusion. The class contributed to EverGift which manages loans to social enterprises around the world thanks to their legacy fund. Their contributions are divided into several projects all focusing on access to financial services and entrepreneurs in the developing world. Learn more about the Trium Legacy fund here.
Evergift would like to thank Sagemoore Capital for providing seed capital funding for the creation of Evergift. For more information on Sagemoore please click the here for more information.
Evergift would like to thank Alterra Capital Group for sponsoring Evergift’s beta lending round issued in June 2010. Alterras’ Gift has already reached entrepreneurs through micro-finance loans in Ecuador, Chile and Peru, as well as in Cambodia and Kenya. The Alterra Evergift loan portfolio is nearly 80% women, with a delinquency rate of .00% and default rate .29% out of 54 total loans. Alterra continues to be a proud contributor to EverGift. For more information on Alterra please click here.