Mission & Vision

missionMission: We believe that supporting quality social enterprise is the evolution of philanthropy and the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and economic disparity. It is the mission of EverGift to accelerate the flow of capital to social enterprises that design innovative, market-based solutions. Our mission connects donors who are passionate about social change with these worthy social enterprises. But…what is social enterprise?

Vision: With professional management and diligent stewardship, an EverGift donation can be re-gifted many times over, each time sparking social business, raising living standards, improving education and its benefits, transforming communities and unlocking prosperity. It is our hope that one day all major corporate giving programs will include some participation in social enterprise support and development.

Strategy: EverGift works with corporations, foundations and individuals to support the development and operation of viable social enterprise. The EverGift team works on behalf of its sponsor organizations to identify and vet suitable social enterprises that fit the ethos and general business criteria of the donor corporation. Acting as a conduit, EverGift transforms corporate charitable funds into low-cost small business loans, which are then distributed to a social enterprise which the sponsor organization has elected to support. The social enterprise will work toward financial sustainability per contract terms, and repay the loan to EverGift. At that point, EverGift will re-apply the donated funds toward the next suitable social enterprise, thereby creating a charitable donation that truly does keep on giving: an EverGift.

As a federally chartered 501c3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible.