Loan Application

To submit for a loan from EverGift, we ask that you first review our Investment Model to assess whether your enterprise will be a good fit for EverGift. When you have decided to pursue a loan from EverGift, please create an executive summary that addresses the following key questions and topics.

Social Enterprise Team:
What qualifications do each of your team members have to successfully complete your project? You may want to include professional background, roles and specific skills. Most importantly, how do these individuals work together as a team?
Product or Service:
What do you provide your customers? What pain point facing Base-of-pyramid (BoP) customers does this product / service address? How? What is this product’s unique advantage, how is it superior in serving the customer?
Customer Market:
Customer Market: Who are the target customers? What is the customer’s willingness to pay? How large is the addressable market size, and customer demand? What evidence exists that customers will continue to benefit from your product? Personal accounts, customer referrals, etc. may be helpful in describing your enterprise’s importance to your customers.
What is your competition? What is the advantage of your product / service over existing ones that are currently available to the customer? What are those alternatives? What are the three-to-four key market drivers that would affect the market and all players operating within it?
How will the product / service be delivered to the end user? Please include your distribution strategy, customer acquisition strategy. What aspects of the business model have/have not been tested or piloted?
What is the theory of social change? How do you plan to measure success? What actions lead to this success and what does success look like? How does the impact your organization hopes to have tie in with the conditions in the community. How will you continually evaluate and reimagine your impact as conditions change in your market and within the community you aim to impact? What is the existing scale–customer base and impact? What is your growth forecast for the next 5 years?
Financial Sustainability:
Financial Sustainability: What is the revenue model? When will the product / service be cash-flow positive, break-even? What milestones will this financing round enable? Will you be seeking future funding rounds? (Please include a copy of your enterprise’s financials below).
What will be the difficulties of this project? What are the risks that your enterprise will face? How can you mitigate these foreseen problems?


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