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What is the Social Enterprise Difference?

Social enterprises, unlike charities, are self-sustaining investments that can be reinvested indefinitely, making them especially affective and influential. With a focus on empowering undeserved populations, EverGift focuses its donor dollars on building infrastructure, commerce, and education to alleviate poverty and enable self-sustaining communities to thrive.

EverGift is the Social Enterprise Engine

EverGift works with corporations, foundations and individuals to support the development and operation of viable social enterprise. The EverGift team works on behalf of its sponsor organizations to identify and vet suitable social enterprises that fit the ethos and general business criteria of the donor corporation.Learn More



The EverGift Process



Recent Success Stories

EverGift Successfully Completes First Loan in the Dominican Republic

evergiftdrMiami, Florida (June 26, 2015) – EverGift is proud to announce the successful completion of their first loan in the Dominican Republic. Founded by Matt Wanderer and Michael Douroux in 2008, EverGift lends donor and sponsor dollars to organizations allowing for an increase in small-loans to social entrepreneurs. Their latest investment empowered a group of young women in the Dominican Republic to launch their own private company, called Cuidame DR, which provides nanny and elderly care services to their community

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Exciting New Partnership Brings Loan Capital to Scaling Social Enterprises

evergiftdrEverGift has teamed up with Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) to bring hard-to-find loan capital to high impact social entrepreneurs. SEG, based in Providence, Rhode Island, is a nonprofit community of business and community leaders that donates expertise, time and money to help social entrepreneurs achieve positive social change in the community.

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Our Valued Partners

Medina Media
Restore Health
Alterra Capital Group

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EverGift transforms charitable donations into loans for early-to-mid-stage social enterprises.  Diverse sectors of social businesses alleviate poverty and improve the benefits of education, which we believe is the universal gateway to prosperity.  EverGift is dedicated to a supporting the following sectors which have proven to influence quality of education;  innovative learning programs, fair financial inclusion and small business development for low income or marginalized communities, women’s empowerment programs, health care services, clean energy, safe drinking water or reliable housing.